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Ray Garton’s New Thriller Depicts the Storm to End All Storms

Cover image for the sixth and final installment.

The title of Ray Garton’s new horror thriller seems to be the only word out of place in the assessment of Garton fans and reviewers.  Frankenstorm portrays the effects of a stupendous west coast hurricane on the populace of a small town that is already seething with emotional storms long before the winds begin to rise to horrific fury.

Kensington Books is marketing the book in e-serial installments at the end of which it will release the paperback.  Comments on the chapters have been almost universally positive.  The title drew the ire of at least one reviewer who otherwise lavished praise on the skill with which the horror master builds his troubled characters and matches the crescendo of their emotions to the climax of the storm.

“Even if not loaded to the gills with gruesome vintage monster molds,” writes Matt Molgaard, “this is assuredly a horror story, well-written and clearly worth examination. The way science and mankind are headed nowadays, something like this could easily be a reality, which makes it all the more uncomfortable. Reminiscent of a Ray Bradbury precautionary tale, Frankenstorm comes highly recommended, even if the title of the novel is severely off-putting (despite Garton’s amazing career, this one was passed down the HNR line multiple times; the reason being: no one wanted to even approach a novel with a title that sounds like an awful SyFy Network film).

“Look beyond the stomach turning, cheesy title (this novel is neither stomach turning, nor cheesy, for the record) and pre-order this one right here. It’s worth it!”

Open Road is in the process of reissuing some twenty Garton backlist titles.

Richard Curtis


Nightmare at 28,000 Feet – Dan Simmons’ “The Abominable” Published Today

The latest thriller by Dan Simmons, The Abominable, released today, is being hailed as one of the most exciting adventure novels in decades. If you think that’s hyperbole, check out this review, calling the book “the climb of your life” and  “amongst the best of books.”

What’s it about? Booklist captures the story best:

Simmons, in this thematic cousin to The Terror (2007), once more plunges into a storm of snow and ice, this time tackling no less than Everest. It’s 1924, and a trio of rogue climbers—mysterious WWI vet Deacon; emotional Frenchman Jean-Claude; and our narrator, brash young American Jacob—are hired to find the corpse of a dignitary lost on Everest. While they’re there, they go for the legendary summit. Right away, there’s a complication: a fourth team member, the dead man’s cousin—and a woman, no less! But it’s the subsequent complications that make this required reading for anyone inspired or terrified by high-altitude acrobatics: sudden avalanches, hidden crevasses, murderous temperatures, mountainside betrayals, and maybe—just maybe—a pack of bloodthirsty yeti. Though the first 200 pages of climbing background might have readers pining for the big climb, it is nearly always interesting, and, later, Simmons excels at those small but full-throated moments of terror when, for example, a single bent screw might mean death for everyone. Exhausting in all the best ways; maybe read this while it’s still warm out? –Daniel Kraus

Here’s how a movie industry newsletter summarized The Abominable:

Three climbers set out to discover the truth behind a series of mysterious 1924 disappearances on Everest. Deep in Tibet, the climbers – joined by a missing boy’s female cousin – find themselves being pursued through the night by someone… or something. It’s a nightmare at 28,000 feet. As they fight their way to the top of the world, the friends uncover a secret far more abominable than any mythical creature.

Simmons is represented by Richard Curtis Associates.


Dying Is My Business by Nicholas Kaufmann

Kudos to Nicholas Kaufman on publication day of Dying is My Business, the first novel in a wildly imaginative urban fantasy series published by St Martins Press.

Given his line of work in the employ of a psychotic Brooklyn crime boss, Trent finds himself on the wrong end of too many bullets. Yet each time he’s killed, he wakes a few minutes later completely healed of his wounds but with no memory of his past identity. What’s worse, each time he cheats death someone else dies in his place. Sent to steal an old, antique box from some squatters in an abandoned warehouse near the West Side Highway, Trent soon finds himself stumbling into an age-old struggle between the forces of good and evil, revealing a secret world where dangerous magic turns people into inhuman monstrosities, where impossible creatures hide in plain sight, and where the line between the living and the dead is never quite clear. And when the mysterious box is opened, he discovers he has only twenty-four hours to save New York City from certain destruction.

Kaufman is also author of General Slocum’s Gold, Chasing the Dragon, and Still Life: Nine Stories. He has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the Thriller Award. He and his wife live in Brooklyn, New York. He is represented by Richard Curtis Associates. Visit his website at www.nicholaskaufmann.com.



“Chain Saw Confidential” – Memoir by The Actor Behind “Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s” Leatherface – Released Today

Last September Gunnar Hansen, the actor who electrified audiences as Leatherface in the legendary horror film “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, released a memoir of his role in the film. Early reviews suggest that Chain Saw Confidential – How We Made America’s Most Notorious Horror Movie will take its place among the best film autobiographies of recent times

Read what Starburst Magazine had to say about it:

“A film that has managed to creep that deeply under the skin of the audience’s consciousness MUST have had a truly warped and strange gestation and creation, and finally the truth can be told, by someone who was actually there at the time. Not a friend’s cousin, not a second-hand account from a third party, but an honest to goodness eye witness. The actor behind the role of Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen, a sensitive and gentle writer of poetry, has penned a complete account of the filming of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and believe us it is a riveting and stunningly well written book…

“Hansen himself has often been portrayed as an enigmatic and mysterious figure, but here he tells us exactly why he dropped from the spotlight for years after TCSM. It’s a strange tale of drugs, creativity, suffering and a determination to get the job done by an inexperienced crew and raw, young actors who in that summer of 1973 embarked on a journey that is as compelling as the story they would tell on the screen. Starburst can’t recommend this highly enough. Chain Saw Confidential is an absolute MUST read for any horror or independent film fan.”

The book is represented by Richard Curtis Agency.


Introducing Doctor Orient

When Doctor Owen Orient, a prominent New York physician decides to renounce his practice and all the material comforts he has become accustomed to, his goal is to find a simpler, more meaningful existence for himself.

But Orient is not like ordinary men. For years he has been studying the secrets of the Occult and, though he seeks simplicity now, finds himself drawn more and more deeply into a horrifying series of events that challenge his scientific rationality, his occult powers, and the instincts and emotions that guide his manhood.

The puzzle that began in a Manhattan black magic commune eventually draws Orient to far-flung lands to confront an ancient ravening evil–a battle in which telepathy, telekinesis, and even sex become weapons in a frenzied struggle to the death–and beyond…

For the first time E-Reads is collecting the seven novels in the Doctor Orient series in a new, unified format, and will make them available to readers all over the world. Written over a period of more than twenty years, the books narrate Doctor Orient’s discovery of his own psychic powers, his continuing research and his efforts to expand and deepen his understanding of the hidden level of reality in which psychic events occur and the monstrous and terrifying uses to which such powers are put to use by those who regard humans, and humanity as a whole, as play-things for exploitation of their dark desires. Frank Lauria, the author of the Doctor Orient series, is also at work on the first new Doctor Orient novel in almost two decades.

The first novel in the series. Doctor Orient, is a spellbinding novel of psychic war for the soul of a young girl. You’ll witness…

+ A coven of witches and warlocks, among them some of New York’s most prominent
celebrities, toying with sexual perversion, Black Magic and human sacrificeï.

+ A hot downtown discotheque where an incredibly beautiful sixteen-year-old seduces
young men into the service of Satan.

+ A defrocked priest whose consuming ambition and awesome occult powers make him famous enough to lure a capacity crowd to Yankee Stadium to witness a dark miracle–the cure of the Vice-President’s daughter.

Doctor Owen Orient, psychiatrist, physician, psychic adept and his team of Telepaths, stake their lives against the ravening evil known as–Susej.

“Hypnotically readable…Frank Lauria has written the most believable Vampire and Werewolf stories I have ever read.”
–William S. Burroughs.



Two Great Collections of Fritz Leiber Tales

Image Leiber-Day-Dark-Night-Bright_web.jpg


Two Great Collections of Fritz Leiber Tales


Amazon’s Announcement of 47 North SciFi Imprint

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced the launch of 47North, the seventh imprint from Amazon Publishing, focused on science fiction, fantasy and horror. 47North launches with 15 books, including “The Mongoliad: Book One,” the first in the ambitious, five-book, collaborative Foreworld series led by Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear. All of these books will be available to English readers in Kindle, print and audio formats at www.amazon.com, as well as at national and independent booksellers. 47North will publish original and previously published works, as well as out-of-print books.

“Amazon customers have a huge appetite for science fiction, fantasy and horror books, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce readers to new and established voices in these genres,” said Victoria Griffith, Publisher, Amazon Publishing, West Coast Group. “We are especially happy to have a diverse list at launch, and look forward to publishing across a wide range of subgenres.”

47North will launch with the following books & series:

* Together, Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin are the authors of “Successful Television Writing” and have written and/or produced scores of highly successful network television series, including Diagnosis Murder, Spenser: For Hire, Baywatch and many more. Their digital-first novel, “Face of Evil,” which will publish in October 2011, is the first novel in The Dead Man series. Protagonist Matthew Cahill gains new sight into the netherworld after a terrible accident, making each day a living nightmare. Four more installments will also publish in October, with a new adventure following each month thereafter. Additionally, a print compilation of the first three novels will publish in January 2012.
* Prolific science fiction and fantasy writer Dave Duncan’s “Against the Light” tells the story of a young, magical missionary’s arrest for heresy and treason in the land of Albi. Duncan is best known for fantasy series The Seventh Sword, A Man of His Word and The King’s Blades. “Against the Light” will be published in January 2012.
* Arwen Elys Dayton’s action-packed science fiction novel, “Resurrection,” centers on warring alien races and the two star-crossed pilots who hold the key to salvation. The fan-favorite novel has been out of print for years and will be brought back into print by 47North in January 2012.
* Aric Davis’ previous novel, “Nickel Plated,” was named by Booklist as one of the Top Ten Crime Novels for Youth in 2011. Now, Davis turns his attention to the macabre in the all-new “A Good and Useful Hurt,” in which tattoo artist Mike’s life is torn apart when a supernatural, psychopathic killer targets him and those he loves. “A Good and Useful Hurt,” Davis’ first adult novel, will be published in February 2012.
* A new edition of the first book in Evan Currie’s popular military space opera Odyssey series will be published in March 2012, now entitled “Into the Black: Odyssey One.” 47North will also publish its sequel later in the year.
* Best-selling UK author Stephen Leather’s new Nightingale series will be published by 47North starting in March 2012. “Nightfall,” “Midnight” and “Nightmare” are fast-paced supernatural thrillers that follow former cop and struggling private investigator Jack Nightingale who is forced to confront the possibility that demons exist after inheriting a supernatural mansion.
* Hugo and Nebula Award-winning authors Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear have teamed up with an ensemble of respected authors and newcomers to create the Foreworld series. The series will begin with The Mongoliad trilogy, an epic tale about the birth of Western martial arts. The Foreworld series will begin with the publication of “The Mongoliad: Book One” in April 2012.
* New York Times best-selling author Chris Roberson lends his ear for humor and the otherworldly in “Further: Beyond the Threshold,” to be published in May 2012. Roberson is best known for his DC Comics/Vertigo work in the Cinderella series and iZombie. “Further” is a novel about a space explorer who is kept in stasis for too long and awakens to a universe that is terrifying and unfamiliar.
* B.V. Larson has published over 20 novels in genres ranging from military science fiction, to epic fantasy, to paranormal romance. 47North will publish the next two novels in his urban fantasy series, Unspeakable Things, in June 2012. In the first book, “Technomancer,” Larson’s detective Quentin Draith is tasked with solving impossible crimes, and each clue leads him further into a world that exists between the raindrops of the known world.

47North, whose name is based on the latitude coordinates of Seattle, joins sister imprints AmazonEncore, AmazonCrossing, Powered by Amazon, Montlake Romance, Thomas & Mercer and the New York imprint in the Amazon Publishing family.

For more information on 47North and upcoming titles, visit www.amazon.com/47North. For more information about all imprints of Amazon Publishing, visit www.amazon.com/amazonpublishing. 47North is a brand used by Amazon Content Services, LLC.

About Amazon.com

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, opened on the World Wide Web in July 1995 and today offers Earth’s Biggest Selection. Amazon.com, Inc. seeks to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. Amazon.com and other sellers offer millions of unique new, refurbished and used items in categories such as Books; Movies, Music & Games; Digital Downloads; Electronics & Computers; Home & Garden; Toys, Kids & Baby; Grocery; Apparel, Shoes & Jewelry; Health & Beauty; Sports & Outdoors; and Tools, Auto & Industrial. Amazon Web Services provides Amazon’s developer customers with access to in-the-cloud infrastructure services based on Amazon’s own back-end technology platform, which developers can use to enable virtually any type of business. The new latest generation Kindle is the lightest, most compact Kindle ever and features the same 6-inch, most advanced electronic ink display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. Kindle Touch is a new addition to the Kindle family with an easy-to-use touch screen that makes it easier than ever to turn pages, search, shop, and take notes – still with all the benefits of the most advanced electronic ink display. Kindle Touch 3G is the top of the line e-reader and offers the same new design and features of Kindle Touch, with the unparalleled added convenience of free 3G. Kindle Fire is the Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games and web browsing with all the content, free storage in the Amazon Cloud, Whispersync, Amazon Silk (Amazon’s new revolutionary cloud-accelerated web browser), vibrant color touch screen, and powerful dual-core processor.

Amazon and its affiliates operate websites, including www.amazon.com, www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.de, www.amazon.co.jp, www.amazon.fr, www.amazon.ca, www.amazon.cn, www.amazon.it, and www.amazon.es. As used herein, “Amazon.com,” “we,” “our” and similar terms include Amazon.com, Inc., and its subsidiaries, unless the context indicates otherwise.

Forward-Looking Statements

This announcement contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Actual results may differ significantly from management’s expectations. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that include, among others, risks related to competition, management of growth, new products, services and technologies, potential fluctuations in operating results, international expansion, outcomes of legal proceedings and claims, fulfillment center optimization, seasonality, commercial agreements, acquisitions and strategic transactions, foreign exchange rates, system interruption, inventory, government regulation and taxation, payments and fraud. More information about factors that potentially could affect Amazon.com’s financial results is included in Amazon.com’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and subsequent filings.

See full article from DailyFinance: http://www.dailyfinance.com/rtn/pr/amazon-publishing-launches-science-fiction-fantasy-and-horror-imprint-47north/rfid492813492/?channel=pscope&icid=sphere_copyright


47North, Amazon’s SciFi Imprint, Launches Today

Last May, in connection with the launch of its romance line, Amazon exec Jeff Belle said “We also know our customers enjoy genre fiction of all kinds, so we are busy building publishing businesses that will focus on additional genres as well.” We all knew that meant a science fiction line was coming. We just didn’t know when or what it would be named.

Today we know.

Amazon’s science fiction, fantasy, and horror imprint is now up and running. It’s called 47North.

Among the featured titles in the launch of the line are Against the Light, an original fantasy novel by Dave Duncan, and the first work in The Mongoliad by Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear. Duncan and Bear are represented by Richard Curtis Associates.

If you were wondering about the meaning of the name, go to your googlemap and see what Pacific Northwest city is located at 47 degrees of latitude. Hint: Amazon is headquartered there. Here’s another: it’s the home of the Space Needle.

Here’s the full article.

Richard Curtis


Don’t Touch That Meteorite if You Know What’s Good for You

The New York Times reports a flourishing black market for meteorites. But perhaps the dealers or their customers would think twice if they thought the artifacts might bear a deadly parasite that inhabits their bodies and drives them to madness and explosive self-destruction.

That happens to be the premise of Ejecta, the terrifying science thriller by William C. Dietz.

In Ejecta, an infected university professor commits suicide in order to leave a message for an ex-student named Sara Devlin. She returns home to discover that her old friend had been host to an alien parasite. Her attempts to expose the danger take her down a path that leads to a computer called the Crop Circle, research suggesting that human heads have been exploding for thousands of years, and an on-again off-again affair with a professional meteorite hunter who has secrets of his own. Together they battle the government and the alien menace while the future of the human race hangs in the balance.

Regarding other William C. Dietz books Publisher’s Weekly says, “A genuine adrenaline rush.”

Booklist says, “Breakneck pacing, strong characterization, alien-invasion buffs should enjoy, enjoy!”

And Romantictimes.com says, Mr. Dietz’s “… portrayal of ordinary people fighting for their lives and freedom is a touching tribute to the human spirit, demonstrating that life goes on and love doesn’t die.”

If you enjoy Ejecta you can choose among many other Dietz science fiction adventures published on E-Reads.



The Faster His Books Go Down the Crapper, the More Money He Makes

Bestselling Japanese horror novelist Koji Suzuki has brought out his latest thriller, entitled Drop, on toilet paper rolls, according to the New York Times‘s Rocky Casale, who reports that a friend of his was so terrified by the story, “she was frightened to be alone in the bathroom.” The print job was provided by a company that makes paper products for public restrooms.

If you’re wondering how you bookmark the story, Casale explains that “each roll contains several copies of the novella so that you can easily pick up the narrative where you left off.”

As a publishing professional I’m in favor of any medium that generates revenue for authors. But Suzuki’s story, about a goblin who dwells in a public bathroom, is not going to be of much comfort to those who are already terror-stricken about toilets such as Jody Morse, whose account on the website Associated Content, Toilet Phobia: My Unusual Fear of Toilets, makes some of Stephen King’s toe-nibbling under-the-bed imps look absolutely benign by comparison.( Suzuki has been described as the Stephen King of Japan.)

“When I was about four years old, my cousin told me that a scary clown lived in the toilet,” Morse explains. Just when she thought she’d outgrown it, a sixth grade health teacher told her class that you can contract pubic lice from public toilet seats. From that point on she did everything she could to avoid going out or from going to the bathroom when she did. The last straw was a nature show portraying how “snakes can crawl up through your pipes and into your toilet. In this case, the snake was some type of Python. Once again, my childhood fear is back.

“After watching this special, I did a little bit of research on how often people find snakes in their toilets. Although I only could find three cases in which families have found snakes (mainly pythons) in their toilets, there are other people who have found other types of animals in their toilets. For example, there was one case in which an iguana climbed into the toilet. In another case, a squirrel, who had also somehow managed to climb up through the pipes, ended up scratching a lady when she sat down on the toilet.”

If you think Suzuki’s Drop is going to scare the shit out of you, maybe you’d better read it in a library.

Every Blogger owes a debt of gratitude to newspapers and magazines. This posting relies on original research and reporting performed by the New York Times.