Caesar the War Dog Wins Hearts – and Breaks Them, Too

From a Smart Books for Smart Kids review of Caesar the War Dog, the first novel in Stephen Dando-Collins’s hit children series launched by Random House Australia:

This is the story of a single father, named Ben Fulton, who is a dog handler in the Australian Army. After his military dog dies, Ben must find a replacement to train to be an Explosive Detection Dog (EDD). When Ben visits a kennel where dogs are housed that have been given obedience training for the military, he takes a liking to a funny-looking chocolate-brown labrador, named Caesar, with a snout swollen from fresh bee stings. The kennel manager warns Ben that Caesar would not be a good war dog, because he’s a relentless digger. But Ben sees something special in Caesar and decides to take him home and train him.

Before long the two are called to active duty in Afghanistan, where Caesar quickly proves to be a most valuable team member, locating explosives in unusual places and saving lives. One fateful day under Taliban gunfire, Ben and some of his fellow soldiers are injured, separated from Caesar. and are sent back to Australia to recover. To Ben’s dismay, no one can locate Caesar, and his whereabouts remain a great mystery, deeply saddening Ben. What happens after that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Although Ben doesn’t know where Caesar is, you the reader will, and along with this four-legged hero, you’ll venture on a journey of admiration, despair, sadness, hope and joy.

“…those who don’t have dogs of their own, don’t appreciate the bond that exists between an EDD and his handler.”

Based Upon Real Life Dog (and Human) Stories

The author is represented by Richard Curtis Associates.


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