“Chain Saw Confidential” – Memoir by The Actor Behind “Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s” Leatherface – Released Today

Last September Gunnar Hansen, the actor who electrified audiences as Leatherface in the legendary horror film “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, released a memoir of his role in the film. Early reviews suggest that Chain Saw Confidential – How We Made America’s Most Notorious Horror Movie will take its place among the best film autobiographies of recent times

Read what Starburst Magazine had to say about it:

“A film that has managed to creep that deeply under the skin of the audience’s consciousness MUST have had a truly warped and strange gestation and creation, and finally the truth can be told, by someone who was actually there at the time. Not a friend’s cousin, not a second-hand account from a third party, but an honest to goodness eye witness. The actor behind the role of Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen, a sensitive and gentle writer of poetry, has penned a complete account of the filming of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and believe us it is a riveting and stunningly well written book…

“Hansen himself has often been portrayed as an enigmatic and mysterious figure, but here he tells us exactly why he dropped from the spotlight for years after TCSM. It’s a strange tale of drugs, creativity, suffering and a determination to get the job done by an inexperienced crew and raw, young actors who in that summer of 1973 embarked on a journey that is as compelling as the story they would tell on the screen. Starburst can’t recommend this highly enough. Chain Saw Confidential is an absolute MUST read for any horror or independent film fan.”

The book is represented by Richard Curtis Agency.


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