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This evening is that magical moment that occurs in New York City but twice a year – and then only if it is not cloudy – known as Manhattanhenge. The setting sun bisects the midtown cross-streets, descending precisely on the western horizon in such a way as to simultaneously illuminate the north and south facades of the buildings.

These are priceless magical moments when New Yorkers stop in their tracks to risk damage to their vision by gazing directly into the sun, and hazard life and limb to stand in traffic with cell phones held aloft to capture the thrilling image.  The emotion upon beholding this phenomenon is a primitive one, akin perhaps to what our ancient ancestors might have felt, and it makes instantly clear the reason why primitive people believed the sun was a god.

I offer here a couple of photos I took from previous ones.

Happy Manhattanhenge, fellow Manhattanites! May your dusk be cloudless. If it isn’t, you have another shot at it on July 28th as the sun transits south.

Richard Curtis


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  1. The Rodent says:

    Thanks so much for posting these images!

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