Harlequin Appoints Antipiracy Shamus

If Evan Brown needs a sidekick…

Harlequin has announced new reporting procedures for unauthorized postings of its authors’ content and engaged a dedicated antipiracy enforcer with whom authors who believe their material has been pirated can file claims. Here’s the complete release:


Effective July 2012, Harlequin has brought the online piracy enforcement process in-house with the appointment of Harlequin’s Online Rights Assistant, Evan Brown. This is a new role, dedicated to policing online piracy of our authors’ copyrighted materials. We ask that authors, agents and editors email links to pirated books to Evan at Report_Piracy@Harlequin.ca. Harlequin is committed to actively protecting the copyrighted materials of its authors and seeks to provide the most effective solution for online piracy.

Please continue to keep in mind the following points before you submit information to .:

• Verify that your search results lead to active links by clicking on the link – “Sponsored Links” often do not lead to actual content;

• Please ensure you include the author name and title for each link to be removed. If the book is in a foreign language, please provide the title and author name in English;

• Provide a direct link (URL) to the work, or to the download page of each work in question – not a link to a page of search results.

As we are no longer working with Attributor to police online piracy and as they are not forwarding messages to us, please report all infringing postings to us directly via Report_Piracy@Harlequin.ca.

Thank you again for your continuing assistance in the fight against book piracy.

The Harlequin Report Piracy Team
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