Kiss the Cloud Goodbye. Future Books Stored on DNA

Just when you thought it was smart to save information in the cloud, scientists have created a storage medium that makes today’s computer farms look Uncle Max’s storage locker.

The technical name for it is deoxyribonucleic acid. You know it better as DNA. In terms of low cost and efficiency, it may be the quintessential data warehouse, and one day it will store books. Lots and lots of them.  Maybe all of them.  All that have ever been written or ever will be.

“DNA – the chemical that stores genetic instructions in almost all known organisms – has an impressive data capacity,” writes Geraint Jones in The Guardian. “One gram can store up to 455 billion gigabytes: the contents of more than 100 billion DVDs, making it the ultimate in compact storage media.”

The Harvard Medical School researchers pointed out how superior DNA is to any storage media humanity has come up with.   “It can be easily copied, and is often still readable after thousands of years in non-ideal conditions,” Jones reports. “Unlike ever-changing electronic storage formats such as magnetic tape and DVDs, the fundamental techniques required to read and write DNA information are as old as life on Earth.”

The Harvard team demonstrated the practicality of their discovery by uploading a 53,o00 word book into DNA.” Now the challenge is for us to download it. Obviously an e-book will not suffice. What a DNA-book will look like is anybody’s guess…

Details in Book written in DNA code

Richard Curtis

This blog post was originally published on Digital Book World as Bible Written on a Grain of Rice (3.658 Megs)? How about on a Gram of DNA (455 Gigs)?


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  1. Steve Boyett says:

    I like the idea that two books could get together and make new books based on their combined information. Mashups that can breed with other mashups. Oh, I really wanna run with this notion.

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