It Can’t Happen Here, But It Can Happen There: Brits Get Tough on Filesharers

The Brits don’t even play baseball but they know more about three strikes than we Yanks do. In fact, in the international pastime of Whac-a-Filesharer their style of hardball makes Americans look like minor league wiffle ballers.

Over the last few years we’ve commented on the moral outrage expressed by our English cousins over illegal filesharing and their willingness to take legislative action to stop it (See Britannia Rules – and a Pirate is Blocaded).

Their latest proactive measure, reported on, is a proposed Three Strikes law that goes like this: “Anyone receiving three letters in a 12-month period would then have their personal data, downloading and filesharing history handed over to the copyright owners to help them prepare a legal case.” it is expected to be acted into law to commence in March 2014.

Predictably, Internet heavies protested, but a court ruling cleared the way for the legislation to go ahead.

Could that happen in the United States?  Sure –  as easily as Microsoft can teleport its headquarters to Proxima Centauri.

Details in UK says three strikes is coming, but not until 2014 by Bobbie Johnson.

Richard Curtis

This blog post was originally published in Digital Books World as Brits Know More about Three Stikes Than We Do.


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