Thanksgiving Day 2011


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  1. David says:

    My ancestors came to “America” on the Mayflower. Today, I am thankful to The Native Americans for INCLUDING the IMMIGRANTS (pilgrims) in their Festival of Thanksgiving. There was a time when both the Pilgrims and Native Americans DID work together, educate each other in basic living needs (farming, cooking, sewing, etc). But LATER, the Pilgrims – yes, my/our ancestors – arrogantly “took control” of the Native Americans’ land, lives, and personal beliefs. TODAY, I praise ALL Native Americans for their spirit, great intelligence, and love! I think Thanksgiving Day should be renamed: “Native Americans Day”. Look UP to, admire, respect our Native American Sisters and Brothers! RESPECT ALL Native Americans! Praise be to God. ;-D
    > P.S. The Pilgrims did not “discover America”. You can not “discover” a country/land that is ALREADY inhabited by it’s own NATIVES. God Bless

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