Britannia Rules – and a Pirate is Blocaded

The Brits may be behind us in e-book technology but when it comes to righteousness they’re light years ahead of us Yanks.  We reported on legislation they passed to curb file-sharing deadbeats (See Want to Sue a Pirate? Move to England). But now they’ve actually gone and put the clamps on a pirate website.

“A High Court judge has ruled that [British Internet Service Provider] BT must block access to a website which provides links to pirated movies,” reports BBC News. “Newzbin 2 is a members-only site which aggregates a large amount of the illegally copied material found on Usenet discussion forums. The landmark case is the first time that an ISP has been ordered to block access to such a site.” (Details here.)

Unlike American lawmakers who are cowed by the might of Google and other ISPs (Read Game Over. Google Insists on Linking to Pirate Sites), British legislators recognize that if antipiracy measures are going to be effective, ISP links to pirate sites must be choked off. Listen to the stern words of the judge’s statement:

“This court action was never an attack on ISPs but we do need their co-operation to deal with the Newzbin site which continually tries to evade the law and judicial sanction. Newzbin is a notorious pirate website which makes hundreds of thousands of copyrighted products available without permission and with no regard for the law.”

Can you imagine a comment like that coming out of the mouth of an American judge?

Richard Curtis

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