Romance Publisher Launches Kickass Antipiracy Campaign

Kudos to Harlequin for getting proactive in the war on infringers. The romance publishing behemoth has engaged Attributor, an outfit that monitors and combats piracy, to help authors chase file-sharers and other leeches out of the content pool.

“We ask that authors and their agents submit their takedown requests through Attributor’s online portal,” says Harlequin’s release.  “The online portal will provide you with directions on how to enter and submit information regarding infringing pages or sites. We anticipate enforcement will be undertaken more expeditiously and effectively through this service.”

For the complete statement click here.  And to read more about Attributor, click here.

Richard Curtis


One Response to Romance Publisher Launches Kickass Antipiracy Campaign

  1. Rowena Cherry says:

    No kudos from me. This is another example of insular behavior by a publisher.

    Divide And Rule has always worked and continues to work.

    Besides, the onus is still on the authors. The authors are still expected to find their stuff, still expected to find the urls, still expected to fill out DMCA notices.

    Moreover, this program appears to exclude helpful fans, and only to serve as a place for Harlequin authors to shuffle Harlequin-related paper.

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