Brits Hit Pirates While Yanks Fiddle

We don’t know if British authors are angrier about piracy than their American counterparts but they seem to be doing more about it.  Parliament passed a law, The Digital Economy Act, that entitles the national utility serving its citizens’ computers to cut off service to illegal filesharers.

In just one week in April 2011, after receiving 831 reports of piracy, the British Publishers Association issued 2194 takedown notices, according to Nicole Kobie writing in The Association has even created a website for authors to report online piracy.

Compare that to the non-existent initiatives conducted by the US government. Remind us – just what are we waiting for, exactly?

Richard Curtis

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2 Responses to Brits Hit Pirates While Yanks Fiddle

  1. Richard, I suspect that the powers that be are waiting to see which way the wind blows. Or, maybe they’ve seen, and figure that there are more pirates than copyright activists.

  2. Oh, and as you pointed out in an earlier post, some very large enterprises with deep pockets are making a bundle of money off piracy.

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