Brits Discover Evil

Filesharing pirates are picking the pockets of British authors and they don’t like it one bit, according to The Guardian.

One victim, crime writer David Hewson, wants to start an educational campaign to remind readers that they are in effect receiving stolen goods. “I spent a year of my life working on those books. They cost me time and money. Hosts of people at my publishers, people who also have the right to be paid for their work, were involved. What gives some thieving toe-rag the right to take all that work we’ve put in, steal it, then regurgitate it for the masses?”

He’s even come up with a motto:  “People Who Love Books Don’t Steal Books”. That will certainly send the toe-rags fleeing in confusion. Of course, we’ve had another motto a lot longer than Hewson’s and it doesn’t seem to have made a dent.  It’s called the Eighth Commandment.

At least the Brits have an anti-piracy law in place – for whatever good it does.  The US congress, meanwhile, dithers.

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  1. Rowena Cherry says:

    Thank you for the heads-up, Richard. Emboldened to hear that the British are tackling toe-rags, I’ve emailed Jeffrey Archer to let him know about the Filesonic crowd.

    It seems to me that when pirates give away a goodly chunk of a writer’s oeuvre, and allege that the books are “free” and “complimentary”, the pirates go too far.

    Anyone who does download these books from Filesonic is an infringer, even if they believe the spiel. The reviews are often snagged from Amazon reviews.

    Is it not possible for Amazon to lock its site so that pirates cannot copy cover art, descriptions, reviews etc?

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    I have not published the links.

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