101 Uses for a Failed Author

Paper Man, a movie starring Jeff Daniels as a terminally blocked novelist, has opened in general release. Every author should go see it.  By presenting a copy of

your remaindered, out of print literary debacle at the box office plus the full price of a ticket we guarantee you will be admitted.

The film’s fictional author, completely unhinged by the cartons of unsold copies of his flopperoo piled up in his cabin, finds creative ways to sublimate his angst such as fashioning the pages of his novel into origami animals, and building a couch out of copies. You can see the actual piece of furniture in Filmmakers Turn Old Books Into a Couch as reported by Penelope Green of the New York Times. The one upper right is not in the movie but looks like the perfect place to lose yourself in a book.

Further inquiry yielded a home that looks like stacked books, where you will also see that the bedroom activities of the owner, a sculptor, are truly an open book.


Every Blogger owes a debt of gratitude to newspapers and magazines. This posting relies on original research and reporting performed by the New York Times.


2 Responses to 101 Uses for a Failed Author

  1. bob says:

    But since Curtis has a financial investment in e-books replacing paper books, how can we take what he says without wondering how much his ideas are fueled by a desire to put more money in his pockets thru the sale of his ebooks? Quite a conundrum.

    • @ Bob – Hey Bob, I have news for you. I’m also a literary agent representing a stable of major authors who depend on printed books. By far the major part of my income is from commissions on deals with traditional publishers. You know- the folks who publish paper books.

      No reason why we all can’t make money from print and e-books. Replace paper? You haven’t been reading my postings!

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