No DRM for Apple iPad Titles

Will Apple’s iPad be a closed system like Amazon’s Kindle, or an open one without restrictive “DRM”? A lot is at stake on which way this particular cat falls.

DRM is the three letter acronym that is rapidly becoming a four letter word for a variety of people ranging from authors to e-bookstore customers. It stands for Digital Rights Management and refers to any proprietary operating system that limits access to digital content by outside users.
“iBooks will support non-DRM ePub books not downloaded from the iBookstore, says Charles Starrett writing on iLounge. Furthermore, “iBooks will be a free download for iPad users from the App Store,” says Starrett.

Apple’s business initiatives continue to put pressure on rival Amazon. Apple’s recent formulation of a new e-book retailing model set off a mini-war between Amazon and one of its major publisher-suppliers, Macmillan. See Publishing’s Weekend War: 48 Hours that Changed an Industry.

Richard Curtis


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  1. Christoffersen says:

    Congratulations for the new web design, it really looks great.

  2. Steve Boyett says:

    Now please please, Mr. Jobs, have a “bookcasting” section for free books the way iTunes currently has a podcasting section. See my open letter to Steve Jobs at

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