E-Reads 2.0 Launches Today

Today is launch day for the our completely redesigned website and we’re both incredibly excited and slightly apprehensive.  As we said the other day, in addition to a brand new look and we’ve installed a robust new engine and a bunch of new features with lots more on the way.

But we know that when you re-engineer a website stuff happens, and we ask your indulgence as our butterfly emerges from its chrysalis.   As webmaster Anthony Damasco explains, “We are repointing our domain to the new server, and that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours.” So you may experience some disruption, and when service is restored there will inevitably be things to patch and replace.

But when the wings dry it will definitely be a butterfly, and we wish our soft launch a gentle landing.

Richard Curtis


2 Responses to E-Reads 2.0 Launches Today

  1. Always glad to see the website grow and mature! Good luck! But Richard–medium gray font on white? This does not make for easy-on-the-eyes reading. More contrast, please!

    • Thanks, Jeff. Now that we’ve laid down the overhauled blog we’re reviewing every feature including typography. In time you’ll see E-Reads 2.1 evolve, and legibility will be a priority.

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