TechnoBuffalo Guy Hears iSlate Will have Raised Keyboard

Further to our speculations on the imminent announcement of an Apple tablet (hereinafter called iSlate until we are refuted), a blogger has posted more information, some old (Apple’s announcement will be made on January 26th in San Francisco), some new and slightly bizarre (a ribbed keyboard will materialize when you’re ready to text), and some at variance with our own received wisdom – otherwise known as rumor. TechnoBuffalo says the iSlate’s screen will be 7″, whereas our sources (gossip) suggest something between 10″ and 11″. The larger screen makes more sense for a tablet device that is supposed to carry newspapers, magazines, and illustrated books, but what do we know? When it comes to Apple, we know slightly less than Kremlin-watchers knew at the height of the Cold War. But it’s still fun to guess


Here’s his video:


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