Mac iPhone Ebook Reader Software Rocks, Says Wired

Charlie Sorrel reviews, in Wired’s Gadget Lab, the Stanza, a free version of the Mac ebook reading software, and gives it high marks. Read “how to turn your iPhone into a mini-Kindle.”

“I really like this application,” writes Sorrel. “It means you can quite literally carry a small library in your pocket. The one problem is that, unlike the Kindle, you can’t buy new titles direct from the iPhone. Stanza supports most e-book formats, so if you buy a .mobi book, for example, you’ll be able to read it. But imagine if you could browse Amazon and buy things directly. It might kill the Kindle, but Amazon would sell a lot of e-books.”

When asked in January 2008 why he hadn’t built e-reads software into v. 1 of the iPhone, Apple CEO Steve Jobs sneered, “People Don’t Read Anymore.” Anybody think he’ll sing a different tune now?



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