Ebook Reading Device Momentum Picking up

Thanks to Publishers Lunch we have news of advances in handhelds:

Reminiscent of the proposal for the second-generation “one laptop per
child” concept, researchers at the University of Maryland and UC
Berkeley have developed an early prototype of an ereader with two sides
that emulate a natural page turning. In a demonstration video, they say
it will “better support the navigation tasks associated with the

New Scientist notes: “The two leaves can be opened and closed to
simulate turning pages, or even separated to pass round or compare
documents. When the two leaves are folded back, the device shows one
display on each side. Simply turning it over reveals a new page.”
New Scientist
Separately, the NYT has a brief look at miBook, a seven-inch e-reader
with a color screen. “Meant to work more like a media player than a real
e-book reader, the $130 device also displays multimedia content like
step-by-step recipe instructions, and can play back music through the
built-in speakers…. Add-on titles cost about $20, and some electronics
stores, like Circuit City, will offer models complete with one or two
books built in.”

– Richard


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