E-Reads to Partner with Mobile Phone Giant

E-Reads is happy to announce a partnership with Toronto-based MPA Mobile’s Global Reader. Global Reader will be posting all of E-Reads titles, currently exceeding 800, on its Global Reader site for purchase by consumers.


Books will be uploaded as a whole or in chapter format with chapter purchases being credited toward ownership of a full book.

Global Reader is available on over 75 Mobile Carriers worldwide in over 160 countries supporting material in a variety of languages. Mobile phone users can receive it on any Internet enabled mobile device including the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericksson Smart phones as well as over 800 other devices worldwide. Find it now by going to wap.global-reader.com on your mobile device.

MPS Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Macmillan Publishing Solutions (MPS). MPS has been in the business of providing a variety of publishing services to international publishing and media companies for over 30 years and has earned a strong reputation as a leader in the industry. MPS Mobile is our Global Platform; a software solution enabling content providers to reach mobile phone audiences anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Founded in 2000 by literary agent Richard Curtis, E-Reads offers hundreds of previously published works of fiction and nonfiction in such genres as Fantasy, Science Fiction, War Fiction, Romance and Mystery.

“We are very excited to be providing the kind of legacy of genre fiction that E-Reads offers, giving established authors yet another way to earn income from their work,” says MPS Mobile Sales Director, Robert Kasher. Genres include Fantasy, Science Fiction, War Fiction, Romance and Mystery titles that have gone out of print but have been revived by E-Reads. Best selling work from authors like John Norman, Greg Bear and Janet Dailey have been repackaged and repurposed and include new original work by many of these award-winning, internationally acclaimed writers.

E-Reads founder Richard Curtis says, “Of all the platforms envisioned by e-book pioneers, the mobile phone is closest to the all-in-one device. This is the fulfillment of a long cherished dream.”


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