Houghton Mifflin To Put Books on Cell Phones

Once again, Publishers Weekly has covered a story that proves, to my satisfaction at least, that we’re living on the cutting edge of the technological future.

Trade publisher Houghton Mifflin recently announced that they have entered a deal with Mobifusion, a company Publishers Weekly had written about in a story in January of this year covering the launch of their initiative to make book content available via cellphones and other handheld devices.

Houghton Mifflin will be making available a selection of their titles, starting with Fast Food My Way by Jacques Pepin and focusing on reference books like American Heritage Student Science Dictionary and similar reference material. We’re not talking straight-up ebooks here, though. Many of the titles will offer what is referred to as “added functionality” without any details specified. I’d be guessing that there will be embedded animations, links to videos and the like.

It’s a fascinating time to be following the fate of the ebook business in all its forms. Stay tuned for regular updates and routinely surprising possibilities entering our reality.



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